Jennifer Thompson Vorster

Jennifer has a an almost tangible passion for combining beautiful objects with the everyday practicalities of living life easily surrounded by surreal elegance of a graceful nature.

After quarter of a century spent in the modelling industry owning one of the largest and most successful agencies in South Africa Jennifer constantly yearned to create in a more discerning environment.

With an innate sense of style and elegance Jennifer has utilised her love of beautiful things to create a philosophy based on genteel grace, timeless elegance and sumptuous luxury seldom found in our fast-paced World today.

Collaborations with Clients are close and personal, submerged in the unique nature, aspirations and specific requirements of each individual in the Clients Family. It is vitally important that the design and architecture of an exceptional Home is reflected by suitably unique interior design and to this end Jennifer sources custom made bespoke furnishing to provide an individual and distinctive style that will transcend time whilst procuring for the owners the prestige and sense of delight of owning a truly magnificent Home.

Vital and inherent in Jennifer’s abilities are her unique contacts that allow for a bespoke, trusted group of craftsmen and woman to perform miracles with the complicated process of creating beautiful objects from their basic components of exotic sought after woods, fine steel and supremely tactile fabric.